4th Annual Digital Society Bowling Scratch Tournament

October 30th, 2021 6:30pm

4th Annual Digital Bowling Scratch Tournament – It will be the house shot!
It will be a “glow bowl” tournament, which means there will be flashing lights, music, etc. This is a Saturday night tournament, as it’s meant to be a fun-based atmospheric tournament. You will stay on the same pair for all 3 games, so let me know who you’d like to bowl with! Top 32 move onto elimination style matchplay NO MATTER HOW MANY ENTRIES WE RECEIVE$40 Entry Fee – $500 Guaranteed (based on 32 entries)
NO EXPENSES TAKEN OUT!Shift Time: 6:30PM2017 Cutline -32
2018 Cutline -60
2019 Cutline -47
2020 N/AIf 32 bowlers, I will pay top 8
If 48 bowlers+, I will pay top 16
If we happen to reach a decent amount of bowlers above 48 (like around 70-80), I’ll pay top 32.There will be brackets and high game jackpots.

* If anyone would like to bowl with anyone in particular, please notify Nick Kightlinger*